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If you are considering becoming a marketing consultant and would prefer to join a structured program to learn from rather than going it alone, it is likely the program you choose will have a CD or DVD that will do much of the selling of your services for you.

They give you tools that give your prospects an idea of what you can do for them - that is what I mean. All the prospective client needs to do is put the CD or DVD into their player to determine if they need or want your help.

Having created one of these CD's for my own system, I can tell you there are two ways to use these tools, and it is advisable to test them both.

Before even talking with someone, one way to make them listen to a CD is to make it a prerequisite.

They usually don't take the time to listen to the CD, which is a problem. You could be giving CDs to potential customers who do not meet your criteria. You could be giving your service to people who neither need, want, nor can afford it. If they're not going to listen to it, then your time, as well as theirs, will be wasted.

Anyone who does get back to you is most likely highly motivated and eager to work with you.

One way to use these tools is to sit down with prospective clients and ask them sufficient questions. If they appear qualified, are interested, and can afford it, ask them to listen to it and set an appointment to review it when you return.

I like to do that, and have my people do it too. By doing it that way, you can reduce your costs and save time.

If you're working with a good program, they will likely have these tools available online, of course. Sending the prospect to the site is even easier and won't cost you anything.

No matter the situation, these tools are ideal for selling without face-to-face interaction. If you wish to become a home based marketing consultant and are considering a structured system or program with a tool such as a CD or DVD, then abide by the aforementioned guidelines and you should do very well.


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