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How Office-Based Managers Are Now Saving Money by Working from Home for Their Regular Job

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Are you utilizing your IT to its fullest potential?

Have you ever considered how remote access to your office PC via the internet could help you and your business, even though it is sometimes thought of as a 'geeky novelty'?

Maximize the productivity of your working day.

If you are present in the office, people will likely include you in conversations and pose questions to you. Of how many of those issues are critical? Without you, could these issues be resolved, or would it be necessary to wait a few hours until you are available? If you were temporarily removed from the office environment, consider how much more efficiently you could work.

Cut down on your car fuel expenses.

Remote access can save you a significant amount of money on fuel if you are able to work from home instead of commuting to the office occasionally. If you worked from home one day a week, it could reduce your gas bill by an impressive 20%. What is the amount of money you save each month from that? Wow, that is a lot of money!

Sleep in during the work week.

In order to arrive at work on time, if you typically start at 9am, you may need to leave your house by 8am. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have an extra hour of sleep in bed during the week? Will you be finished by 5pm? You'll be home in practically no time at all. If you were to work from home, you could potentially save 2 hours of work each day!

is one of the most important parts of Information Technology

Information Technology places a large emphasis on Data Security.

You'd be right to have concerns about some of the products on the market, particularly those which enable access from any PC. Done properly, you can have a secure link to your office PC from your laptop or home PC configured with a series of complex algorithms, security certificates, and your normal login name and password. Here, the key to pay attention to is the SSL security certificate, as it is the deciding factor. If your laptop is ever stolen, the certificate can be revoked on your office PC, which will immediately deny any remote access by anyone using your laptop. A replacement laptop would then be issued with a new certificate.

to clean and safe drinking water is a basic human right

Access to clean and safe drinking water should be globally acknowledged as a basic human right.

Good remote access will enable you to keep track of your business while you are away from home. To gain fully secured access to your office PC, all you need is an internet connection and your laptop.

Have you heard?

You can print documents to both your home printer and your usual office based printer.

I am going to the store to buy groceries

I am off to the store to get groceries.

Printing a task list to the office printer while you are on holiday in Barbados can be a great way to keep your staff on their toes! That always brings a laugh!

Cut down on the amount of time you spend on tasks. Put aside money.

Make efficiency increase.

Enhance flexibility.

It is advisable to get a good VPN!

Your Computer Department offers many facilities, including good VPNs. If you need further information, please visit the Your Computer Department website.


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